Brendan’s Room to Dream

When we were invited by the people at Room to Dream to help create a bedroom for Brendan, we immediately said yes—largely because of two reasons.

First, we really wanted to celebrate his triumph over leukemia.

Second, we just had to see his Lego collection.

Brendan is 11years old and lives in Jamaica Plain, but he had not slept in his room for several years.  It needed a complete renovation, not only to keep pace with his changing needs but to showcase his amazing Lego collection, which he built while going through treatment.

Interior Designer Ana Donohue worked with Brendan to create a design that reflected his tastes.  We then joined the renovation team, building a custom daybed, new closet doors and trim, and a pull-down staircase for access to the attic room.  Of all the projects we’ve worked on, this one has been the most heartwarming.

Room to Dream is a Boston-based non-profit organization dedicated to creating healing environments for children and adolescents suffering from chronic illnesses.  You can see more photos of Brendan’s room, and others they have created for children in our area—and learn how you can help, too.


Brendan sees his room for the first time photo

His expression says it all: the room is a hit!

Brendan with the DiSipio brothers photo

Here’s Brendan with the DiSipio brothers, from left, Mino, Anthony and Joe.

Brendan's beads for triumph over leukemia photo

This framed string of beads tells the story of Brendan’s triumph over leukemia: every time he underwent a treatment at Children’s Hospital, he got a bead.