What Our Families Say

We take a lot of pride in our work, but what makes it really rewarding is when our customers tell us how happy they are with what we’ve done.

Whether it is an entire house or a renovation, we never forget that it is your home.  It is where some of the best times of your life happen, so we want you to feel like it is the best part of your life.

Here is a sample of what some of our customers have said.


Attention to Detail Means Quality Second-to-None

We purchased a home from DiSipio Building Group and have been very satisfied with our new property—especially all of the amenities and attention to detail that makes the quality of the home second to none.

After living in the house for several months, we were so impressed with their work that we hired them to finish our basement.  The project was completed on time, within budget and without any issues.  We really enjoyed their hands-on approach and, once again, attention to detail.

Special thanks to Anthony DiSipio, site manager, for helping design our basement and recommending great materials and design ideas.  We really appreciate his outstanding supervision of the project.

–Jacques Bourget


A Complex Project Completed With “Great Presence”

DiSipio Building Group handled the installation of a gas fireplace I had installed in my home, including the building of the frame, installation of two accent windows, the mantel piece, matching trim, accent lighting and electrical work.

This was a relatively big and complex project but Anthony DiSipio, the project manager and the one I communicated with 95% of the time, handled it all and coordinated everything according to my schedule and the timeline of the project. He and his team also had many great recommendations that I would not have thought of on my own.

It was obvious that his greatest concern was to be responsive to my needs, the quality of the work and my overall satisfaction.  Every individual that worked on this project was friendly and performed the work thoroughly and

with great satisfaction. The team left everything in a clean, professional manner.

The fireplace is now the focal of my home and it looks amazing. I could not be happier.

–Maggie Cuthbert